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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shelley: now at 11:00, londonderry police say someone is throwing water bottles at cars. >> i stopped and looked and surely enough i saw some damage on my car, you can see my front grill is busted. shelley: the clues investigators s dash cam video. tom: next week medical marijuana patients will start receiving their i.d. cards. the steps that still need to happen before marijuana will be sold. mike: the mild pattern continues with record warmth on the way soon. how high temps go by thursday and christmas day. shelley: a secret service agent becomes the victim of a thief. the items essential to his job that were stolen from his car. tom: families in transition opens a new kind of shelter in manchester. the range of services housed in one facility to help families in need.
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now, duck in your news 9 -- wmur news tonight at 9:00. tom: we have breaking news from lyndeborough. where firefighters are battling a large fire right now. these are photos from 117 old temple road. shelley: we' ve confirmed that viewers from as far away as milton are telling us they can see the fire we have a crew on . we have a crew on the way to lyndeborough right now and we' ll bring you updates as they come in. in other news tonight, police are searching through -- for whoever was throwing water bottles out of moving cars into oncoming traffic. tom: one driver' s dash camera was recording as a water bottle came flying at his car in londonderry. five incidents have been reported and several of the cards have significant damage. kristen carosa joins us now live from londonderry. kristen: the calls came in on
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police are reviewing the video that was captured, it is dark but investigators say it' s a good start. >> something hit me, i wasn' t sure what it was but then there was a splash of water on my windshield. >> this man was driving on litchfield road sunday night when something came flying at his car. >> i stopped and looked and surely enough i saw some damage on my car, you can see my front grill is busted. >> water bottles were thrown at his vehicle from an oncoming car. >> i didn' t really see what happened until i saw the footage of the video from my dash cam. >> the whole thing was captured by this camera from inside his car. he reported what happened and gave the video to police. >> its a very clear video, if it was in the daylight i am confident that we would be able to get a license plate off the vehicle but right now you can just see a silver vehicle go by, three objects come out and strike the victims vehicle. >> according to police this happened four other times over the weekend. twice in the route 102 area and twice on mammoth road. >> in two of the incidents there
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they had to file a report for damage to the vehicle. the grill was damaged as well as the hood being scratched up. >> the other cars did not have reportable damage but the water bottle still struck the vehicle starling the driver. thankfully there were no injuries. >> someone is not expecting an object to come flying out of another vehicle and strike there' s. at night its more difficult to see, person could vere off the road, they could become startled and loose control of their vehicle. >> police say this is a serious crime and if caught, the person responsible could face reckless conduct and criminal mischief. >> in my case i wasn' t driving that fast, so it wasn' t that dangerous for me but others it might be more dangerous especially if the windshield is hit or if its on the highway it can be more dangerous of course. kristen: if this happens to you, even if you don' t have damage, call police and report it right away. live in londonderry, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. shelley: swanzey police are searching for the man who robbed a store at knife-point.
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convenience store yesterday. the clerk says the man demanded money while showing a knife. after getting cash, he left. it appears he covered his face with some kind of mask or cloth. tom: state health officials will marijuana patient cards next week. the attorney general advised the state to give out the cards after a terminally ill woman successfully sued the state to legally purchase medical wmur' s mike cronin explains what this means for patients. cronin: it' s a milestone for people who have waited two and a half years since medical hampshire. this card will allow qualifying patients or their designated caregivers to legally buy up to two ounces of marijuana in state after dispensaries open. temescal wellness is one of three companies which will run in the granite state next year. hasn' t been set, dr. gary woods says they' re on track.
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mike: temescal will operate in dover and lebanon. the next step for them -- have the state inspect their cultivation site before they start growing cannabis. >> there are multiple steps in getting to the final product in the store and this is just one of them. mike: progress is also being made for qualifying patients. this is what a new hampshire medical marijuana card will look like. the finished product will have a watermark and photo id of the patient. next week the department of health and human services is mailing about 40 cards to people who are approved to receive them. >> it' s a huge step for us. mike: people can' t buy cannabis in state until dispensaries open. under maine law qualifying patients with proper identification can buy medical marijuana there. that' s not the case in massachusetts. new hampshire' s dhhs has received more than 100 applications for cards but many of them are incomplete. >> and so if we don' t get a complete application or if we don'
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s filled out correctly, it' s going to delay our ability to issue a card. >> as the state begins to inspect growing locations, temescal is looking forward to clearing another hurdle. >> if it' s done correctly and everybody works together, which everybody has and the state has been very helpful in helping us move forward, so we hope that we can do it right as well. mike: the state is hopeful that dispensaries will begin opening in the early spring. to learn more about what' s needed to apply for a medical marijuana card visit this story on live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news 9. shelley: two major drug busts in two days in maine. today police arrested 15 people in connection to an investigation in oxford county. the maine drug enforcement agency says the group was responsible for imported and distributing nearly 18 pounds of heroin throughout oxford county over more than two years. the drugs have a street value of
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>> the conspiracy investigation revealed the staggering amount of heroin smugged into and distributed in maine by this lone criminal enterprise. shelley officers began their : investigation of this heroin trafficking network two years ago. the other bust happened yesterday in hancock county. drug agents seized more than $200,000 worth of drugs and guns, plus cash from a home in orland. among the stash 400 grams of heroin, with a street value of $100,000. and more than a dozen guns. three people were arrested in connection with the investigation. tom: the rain we saw for much of the day has moved out but let' s look at meredith where the mild temperatures are for a while. a live look outside in meredith, s more
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the way. mike: take a look at doppler radar, the rain moving out early this evening and what were left with is a lot of cloudiness down near the ground, though thick fog has developed in many spots. 34 in concord, 36 in laconia. there could be black eyes on some area roadways in the coming hours, but look at where we are headed -- black ice in some areas. the old record is 57. there is a good bet to get up near 66 in concord and maybe even warmer near the border. we will look at the forecast, coming up. shelley: in commitment 2016, the campaign trail brought marco rubio to littleton today. the florida senator and his kids stopped by chutters home of the world' s longest candy counter. after, the republican presidential candidate held a town hall meeting and talked
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military. >> and we will modernize our air force, we will modernize and expand our navy, and we will have sufficient ground forces so that we' re not being unfair to the men and women serving now, some of whom are being deployed longer and more often than ever because of how much we' ve reduced troop levels, not to mention training and readiness. shelley: rubio has a pancake breakfast scheduled tomorrow in franklin. presidential candidate jeb bush also held a town hall meeting in littleton tonight. >> it' s not about who says the most outrageous stuff. this isn' t reality tv. the reality is that people need their spirits lifted. with tangible ideas. shelley the former florida : governor talked about his plans for saving social security, health care for veterans, and the nsa' s surveillance programs. new jersey governor chris christie visited portsmouth today, on the final leg of a four-day visit to the granite state. the republican presidential candidate spent this trip on a
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tom: a community is coming together to help a family that lost their christmas gifts in a fire. flames broke out at the home on grant road in newmarket this morning. firefighters say it probably started as an electrical fire, caused by a kitchen appliance. the family' s dog died in the blaze. donations have started coming in to the fire station to help that family ahead of christmas, and firefighters are accepting donations through tomorrow. shelley: it' s the first of its kind in new hampshire, tonight, a new homeless shelter is being unveiled in manchester. and this location, will offer a lot more than just a roof over people' s heads. despite the pouring rain, hundreds of people from non-profits across the city gathered in celebration of the grand opening of a new emergency family shelter in the city of manchester. a place many call groundbreaking. in so many ways. >> it is an amazing, amazing place. shelley more than 3 years, and
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this project spearheaded by homeless services provider famlies in transition. it is the first shelter of its kind to offer multiple services under one roof. >> well, what' s interesting about this is the second floor is the shelter, and it shelters 11 families, with their children. shelley the living quarters this : lake avenue complex are large and private, each room has it' s own bathroom and safe for valuables. >> the whole building there is video surveillance throughout. shelley and on the first floor a : wide range of services, including a kitchen serving healthy meals, a therapeutic child care center, intake services, employment assistance, health care and more. >> it' s about helping people to get back on their feet and move into our society and our community. >> to have something like this here. you know how badly it' s needed. you know this neighborhood, you know the trouble this neighborhood has been in. and now people here can count on shelleyand now people here can count on this one stop shop for
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>> this is really a haven for kids and families. shelley: again, this is a shelter for parents and children only. individuals who need help will be referred to different locations. the shelter will be open in early january. it will be a welcome addition to that neighborhood. tom: coming up on news 9 tonight. shelley: it' s a busy holiday travel week across the country. while the temperatures will be warm here, some regions are facing serious problems.
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out
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cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. tom: police say a secret service agent' s gun, badge, and portable radio were stolen from his personal vehicle parked near the white house. according to a police report, the agent parked his car yesterday and returned a few minutes later to find a window open and the items missing. a cnn source says the agent works in the division of the secret service that protects the president and his family. the chipotle restaurant in boston that was closed after a norovirus outbreak could reopen soon. shelley: boston inspectional services says the entire place has been disinfected and a
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negative for norovirus. another inspection is set for tomorrow. if it passes, it can reopen. health officials say a sick employee infected 140 people who ate at the restaurant, most of them boston college students. while we are experiencing unseasonably warm weather ahead of christmas, that is not the case in other parts of the country, where heavy rain and snow are threatening to cause problems for holiday travel. brandi hitt shows us where. >> a wet and soggy start to a busy holiday travel week. for than 100 million travelers are expected to hit the roads, the most ever. in severe weather is not helping. fog may have lead to chain-reaction crashes on interstate 49 in arkansas, killing at least three people. and across parts of the west, it' s slow-going in the snow. so much has fallen in washington
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searching for a missing skier, monty busbee, since saturday. >> he could be in a snow cave. he could be under a tarp, just waiting for us. >> oh my. >> dangerous winds are overturning semi trucks in california. and taking down one tree after the next, keeping utility crews working around the clock. >> we have another tree down we' re going to have to go respond to. more than 38 million travelers are also expected to fly through january 3. the busiest airports, atlanta, los angeles, and chicago, where weather could cause flight delays wednesday. >> heavy rains in the southeast around atlanta and the potential for severe weather later in the day. even chicago will be looking at wind and rain. >> meantime, historic heat in the northeast. 77 degrees forecasted in washington d.c. christmas eve. 71 thursday in new york city. and tomorrow is expected to be the busiest travel day on the road. families are taking advantage of lower gas prices below $2 a gallon in most states.
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angeles. tom: check out this video from minnesota, a rotating circle of ice. the water is moving fast and does not freeze, leading to the big pancake of eyes moving slowly around in a circle. warm it' eve. mike: 77 in washington dc, we just heard in that package. a couple of spots make it up near 70. it was damp and on the cool side in the afternoon when temperatures did spike act into the 50' s. the monadnock region, manchester and south and over toward the coast.
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here are the numbers for concord today. 45 to official height well above the average but nowhere near the record high. once we get past tomorrow, we have two straight days that possibly shatter some records on thursday and tie or break a record on friday. the rain has moved out but the winds are fairly light and even though the skies have cleared, we have some fun developing. more showers down to the south will blossom quickly overnight and spread in here by tomorrow night. it' s in and out quickly by thursday morning. the leftover moisture is creating fog in some spots anywhere from the great north woods and points south and southwest for. keep in mind the temperatures right near freezing now in concord, just to the west of laconia and upped her plymouth and the great north woods. there could be a little bit of black ice in some
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the overnight and through the morning commute tomorrow. untreated surfaces make glaze over in spots. back to the upper valley and monadnock region well in the 40 still, no threat there of lack -- black ice overnight. a warm start to the day tomorrow. springlike temperatures building in the south and will accompany the wet weather tomorrow night. by early thursday we start off in the 40' s and in-depth in the 60' s. the reason, the jet stream driving from southwest to northeast comer keeping the winter chill locked away in canada, at least for now. that may start to change early next week but over the next several days it' s all about the warm weather. here comes the wet weather tomorrow night after sundown, some of it quite heavy. it tapers off by early thursday morning with breaks of sun
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we could make a run close to 70 degrees in parts of southern new hampshire. tomorrow upper 40' s to around 50. then thursday, christmas eve day, near 60 lakes region, same story in the great north woods, but elsewhere in the mid to upper 60' s. we will cool down a little bit christmas day but still run about 20-25 degrees above average. cooler for the weekend, rain showers lately light saturday night into sunday. then windy and cold are on monday and that could set the stage for it when tree on tuesday. the pattern will begin to break out little bit in terms of the war in turn a little more wintry in terms of a mix or snow up north on tuesday. tom: let' s go over to jamie and
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jamie number one michigan state : had their hands full at unranked oakland university of michigan tonight. oakland led by 13 points at the half. michigan came back to force overtime. written forms had a big game for this orton' s, 32 points -- for the spartans. michigan state escapes with it 99-93 overtime win.
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into a quick christmas break but instead, they had to deal with a goalie named jake allen, who stopped all 32 boston shots in this one. the st louis blues in the garden and ready for a fight this was a . this was a good one, lacking the christmas love at times. scoreless in the 3rd period. finally a goal. vladimir teresenko in on a breakway. beats tuukka rask his 22nd goal of the season is tied for the nhl lead 1-0 blues rask was big in net tho here he stops paul stastny right out front. huge save to keep it 1-0. another goal for the blues a great pass, sets robbie fabbri up for the wrister up high. 2-0 blues. jake allen gets the shutout in net. blues win 2-0 first boston shutout in the 33 games this year. the bruins are off until they host the sabres on saturday. one week from friday they play the montreal canadiens at gillette stadium. high school hockey tonight bedford and the pelham-alvirne avalanche hooked up at skate 3 in tyngsboro. the pelham-alvirne goalie had a busy night. curtis richall.
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bedford gets 4 goals in the 1st , starting with a wrister up high by john mcdonough. 1-0. then griffin gagne sets jay roberto up for a goal 2-0. and then colin voloshin follows the bouncing puck and pokes it into the net. bedford is really good this year and they win 6-1. let' s check out one of the top high schoolbasketball players in the state, if not the best. keith brown of pelham, taking on bow. check out the quick release. quick trigger, knocks down his first shot of the game and then he splits the defense and avoids the charge as he lays it in off the glass. a big crowd on hand to check out the champs, and brown. nice play for the falcons here shane wunderli with a great pump fake, which opens up a lane to the basket for the layup. more from brown, a quick drive to the glass and score. pelham wins 71-43. brown played 3 quarters. 37 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists.
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philadelphia university. expect st a' s, snhu, and merrimack college to follow suit and make offers as well. college basketball. dartmouth at home with longwood . connor boehm with a three pointer. then evan boudreau from downtown. 17 points, nine rebounds. 2nd half. on a break, miles wright over to brandon mcdonnell for the dunk. dartmouth wins 78-54. the big green are 4-5. nba fans, we have a double header for you on christmas day. at 2:30, it's the chicago bulls at the oklahoma city thunder. at 5:00, cavaliers and warriors. a red sox player from this past season has a new team. outfielder alejandro de aza and the new york mets have agreed to a $5.75 million, one-year contract. sox to the giants late in the season. he is 31 years old. 7 new england patriots were selected to the pro bowl today, led by quarterback tom brady for the 11th time, a franchise record. super bowl hero malcolm butler
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time, along with other first timers in jamie collins and chandler jones. rob gronkowski and kicker stephen gostkowski both go to the pro bowl as long as the patriots are not in the super bowl. if the patriots are in the super bowl, they won' t get to play in the pro bowl. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. for more than 5 decades, saint joseph' s hospital has helped local families have a better christmas. shelley: the generous gifts from
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress
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shelley: an update where crews from multiple towns are battling a large house fire on old temple road. tom: the red cross says it' s helping to adults displaced by that fire. a holiday tradition continued today at saint joseph' s hospital in nashua. shelley: employees are giving presents to more than 72 families this year through their christmas basket project. the hospital works with schools, churches and social service agencies to find those who need assistance.
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clothing are just some of the items donated by hospital employees to families in need. thanks for joining us for
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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